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What is the Crea-Biz?

Crea-Biz is the platform that empowers your businesses and give start-ups with new trends and technology.

How many data center Crea-Biz have?

Crea-Biz have eight data center in Germany .we have red five server and All are highly secured.

If any one have domain and hosting. Could you join with us?

No, If you transfer your domain and hosting than you can avail our packages.

How can Crea-Biz your data?

Yes, we secure your data because your business privacy & security our first priority.

Why Crea-Biz offers monthly premium packages?

We are providing monthly premium packages for small business or those who want to start business newly.

Why Crea-Biz offers one year packages on lowest rates?

We are giving you all services in one package on lowest rate yearly for those who have large business set-ups.